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Gary H. Dwight

5 out of 5 stars based on 9 reviews.

Patient Review by Gladys

Wow! Can I truly say I am one of those people that hate going to doctors dentists anything related to medical of any kind. But going to see Dr Dwight was the best decision I ever made concerning my teeth. This was absolutely the Very Best Dentist experience that I have ever had! Dr. Dwight put me at ease from the beginning. He is a very caring compassionate doctor. ( and funny) His staff is great at making you feel at ease. I would recommend anyone looking for excellent compassionate care to come to Dr Dwight.

- Gladys

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Patient Review by Brendon R

Overall, it was a great experience. I was quite nervous going to have this procedure done, but (this could have been the meds talking) but I was able to control my nerves and virtually did not feel anything. Everyone was very nice and kept me informed every step of the way.

- Brendon R

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Patient Review by Richard R

I faced a very difficult situation after Dr. Dwight performed a biopsy and the results showed I had Fallicular Lymphma. I could not have found a more compassionate Dr. and supporting staff. Whitin 2 weeks he seured a appointment for me with the leading Dr in the country, Dr. Kaminski, at the Umiversity of Michigan Cancer Center. I have started my Chemo Treatments and look forward to a full recovery. If you want the best Oral surgeon be sure to get an appointment with Dr. Dwight. You'll fine him and his staff very compassionate people.

- Richard R

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Patient Review by Clara A

Dr. Dwight increased my quality of life for the past 24 years with the implant he placed for me! I could chew as if it were my own tooth. I really appreciate everything he did for me!

- Clara A

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Patient Review by Jennifer M

Dr. Dwight is great! Office staff put me at ease and I'm very happy with my experience!

- Jennifer M

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Patient Review by Rachel L

I have been going to different offices every year since I was in grade school. A post graduate now, I finally found an office I feel comfortable with and trust! 10/10 would recommend to friends and family. They are incredibly professional with little to no wait time, what else can you ask for?

- Rachel L

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Patient Review by Sharron M

Dr. Dwight has been the oral surgeon for my family and me for the past 10 years. Our family dentist and orthodontist recommended him and his staff due to his expertise. Over the years, my family and I have been treated for simple extractions, wisdom teeth extractions, implants, and complicated dental procedures. He and his staff have always been friendly, professional, caring, and honest with us. Through my complicated dental situations, Dr. Dwight has always made me feel at ease. He explained my options, the cost, and coordinated the entire treatment plan with my family dentist. I plan to continue as his patient, and I highly recommend Dr. Dwight and his office staff for anyone who needs the services of an oral surgeon.

- Sharron M

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Patient Review by Brian R

I'm not the most comfortable person when it comes to having dental work done. After seeing Dr. Dwight for a second time for a procedure, the minute I walked into the office I felt at ease. His caring staff answered all my questions, making sure I was comfortable, and before I knew it, everything was complete. I won't hesitate to return if needed!

- Brian R

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Patient Review by Debby T

I am 59 years old. Dr. Dwight is by far and away the best Dental professional I have ever had. He is simply amazing! I had an appointment a couple days ago, and he was so kind, funny, and professional. He is a wonderful man - you could not be in better hands! Three years ago a general dentist destroyed my teeth, my bite, and my ability to eat. While searching on the Internet for help, I came across Dr. Dwight. That was the best thing that ever happened to me! When I was younger I was very beautiful and had perfect teeth. Dr. Dwight was so kind and professional to fix the disaster the general dentist caused. While I have been under his care I have not had problems of any kind. I would highly recommend Dr. Gary Dwight to do any and all of your oral surgery needs. He is a wonderful man and surgeon. I am so grateful to have found him I simply don't have enough words to convey everything he did for me. He is absolutely the best of the best!

- Debby T

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